The Benefits of RV Safes

Whether you have a family that makes tent camping a living nightmare, want more privacy and comfort in the great outdoors, or simply would rather see the country than be stuck in an airport when traveling, an RV is a smart option for anyone who enjoys the comfort of a home while simultaneously exploring new places and sites.

As comfortable as you may feel traveling in your RV, you must still consider the potential situations that could happen. In fact, RV theft is a common occurrence. Your RV is literally a mobile home so RV security should be a priority and there are several factors to consider. You may have cash, electronics, firearms, expensive camping gear, insurance documents, travel documents, identification, medications, alcohol,and  credit cards that would be thieves are aware of. You want to keep such valuables safe from burglars as well as from other unfortunate events that may occur.

So, what is an effective solution? An RV safe. Here are some helpful tips to beef up your RV security with a safe, keeping your valuables protected and your peace of mind in check.


When you go on a day hike or out on the boat for the afternoon, you leave your RV behind. What are you supposed to do with your valuables? Many preach that RVs have their own storage compartments that can be locked to protect valuables. However, most RV lock compartments use the exact same, inexpensive and common CH751 key. Therefore, you are making it a piece of cake for a burglar to break into your storage compartments.

Storage compartments aside, RVs are easy to break into in general. The doors are one step up above cheap plastic, there are several windows throughout the camper, and there is usually a lot of traffic which can quickly lead to a window being unlocked.

Even if your storage compartment or RV is more secure compared to most and you keep every door and window locked, you must also think beyond burglary and consider fire, water damage, breaking down, or even a natural disaster.

Of course, nobody wants to think about the worst things possible happening to them, but the reality is that it could happen to you. A safe protects your most treasured valuables from fire, water damage, and other unexpected events. Even if you just break down on the side of the road, someone may see you and your valuables as a quick buck. Your solution to all of these scenarios is an RV safe.


Depending on the amount and size of valuable items you carry on the road as well as the size of your recreational vehicle will help you determine the safe you should invest in.

If you have a lot of valuable items and have room and power to carry the weight in your RV, an American Eagle 59Hx26Wx18D may be the best option for you. If you want a narrower one that can fit into a closet, the Reflection safe will give you a large safe but with more RV space. Thirdly, if you have only a few things you need to keep in a safe and/or you don’t have much extra room in your camper, check out an Edge Safe.For more help deciding on your ideal RV safe, check out the top things to consider when purchasing a safe

No matter which safe you choose for your camper, it will make you and your family comfortable and secure while on the road.

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