5 Important Things to Keep in a Fireproof* Safe

A good home safety plan means installing smoke detectors, having an emergency escape route, and quickly accessing weapons for self-defense. But what happens to your valuables once you’re safely outside your home?

Investing in a safe for home valuables can protect your most important items from fires, floods**, and theft. If you have a home safe or are considering the best safe for your needs, it’s important to learn which items require extra security. Here are five items you should always put in a safe.

1. Insurance policies

If a fire or flood destroys your home and everything inside, you’ll need to be prepared to take the next steps. Starting over begins with having a financial backup plan and insurance. Stashing your insurance policy and agent’s phone number inside a fireproof safe means you’ll have emergency access to critical information in a moment of chaos.

2. Birth certificates and passports

Though vitally important for all Americans, birth certificates can be inconvenient to replace. They can also be expensive when you need to obtain a last-minute passport. Always store a copy of your authorized birth certificate and passport in your safe, especially if you live in areas susceptible to wildfires.

3. Social security cards

The best place for your social security card is not your wallet—it’s your home safe. This small identification card is required to apply for jobs and government services, such as social security benefits. Never carry your social security card on your person; rather, store it in a home safe where smoke and thieves can’t harm it.

4. Account information and passwords

Cybercrime affects businesses, governments, and unsuspecting citizens. Downloading a password manager can add an extra layer of security for your online accounts because it requires unique, complicated passwords and remembers them for you. However, if you forget your master password, accessing your account information is nearly impossible. The solution? Write down your account information, including usernames and passwords, and store them in your safe.

5. External hard drives

Many of us keep digital copies of family photos, extensive music libraries, or book manuscripts on external hard drives for safe keeping. This is an effective practice—only if your hard drive itself is safe from moisture, heat, and potential thieves. In most cases, these items contain irreplaceable time, money, and memories.

A fireproof safe is often your best line of defense in protecting important items against natural disasters, curious children, and potential burglars. Learn more about the Cannon Safe brand promise and how you can choose the right safe for your needs. Browse our website, or find a national retailer near you today.

*Cannon safes are not “fireproof”. They are fire rated and tested to withstand 1400 degrees for a certain amount of time. That amount of time varies by safe.

**Cannon safes are not waterproof. However, Cannon’s Lifetime Warranty will repair or replace your safe in the case of a natural flood, fire, or burglary.