Top 5 Heaviest Major Home Appliances

You may have noticed that your house is full of a few very large, heavy items, many of them major home appliances. Some of the heaviest appliances are also some of the most essential to your home. The refrigerator, stove, and water heater, among others, are some of the bulkiest and hardest to maneuver. In case you have always wondered what the most common heaviest major home appliances are by weight, here are the top five.


Keeping food and drinks cool and preserved is a pretty important part of the modern, 21st-century house. The refrigerator is also one of the heaviest appliances in the home with an average weight of 200 pounds. Depending on the age and model, this weight can fluctuate by 50 pounds or more. Generally, the newer your refrigerator, the lighter it can be due to the size of propulsion tanks and electrical items.

Water Heaters

The water heater is also one of the heaviest and most critical appliances in the home. Hot water supply is essential and tank water heaters are some of the most important appliances in the home. These tanks are also very large and very heavy—unfilled, of course. The average, new 40-gallon water heater tank weighs around 110-130 pounds empty. Once the tank is full, it can weigh up to 450 pounds.


The stove/oven combination is a heavy appliance that is invaluable to everyday living. The weight of this appliance is highly variable since ovens come in a range of sizes. The average 24-30-inch convection oven weighs around 128 pounds. Double convection ovens can weigh much more, over double at times.

Washing Machines

The washing machine is another heavy household item. Modern washers have become sleeker in design, but many are still extremely heavy. The average weight of a washing machine ranges from 200-300 pounds, though this depends on the style and model of the appliance.


Though not an appliance, home safes are common items and extremely heavy. The average weight is also highly variable since safes come in a large range of sizes. Large, standalone vault-style, gun safes are the largest, with some models weighing up to 1500 pounds. Smaller safes of a similar design can weigh between 300 and 500 pounds. These safes are designed to be fire and theft resistant.