Making Home Security a Part of Your Daily Life

New Year’s resolutions can be overwhelming to accomplish but there is one resolution that should always be on your list and that is home safety.

When it comes to home security, you should consider having as many layers as possible to ward off potential intruders or buglers. We like to call this the onion method of home security. Let’s start today by making this a 2020 resolution. There is no failsafe way of securing a home, but the idea of the onion method is to create multiple layers of safety in and around your home so a criminal isn’t willing to risk drawing attention. Afterall, many would-be intruders scare easily if they might get caught. The trick is to make getting in harder for them.

Let’s explore the layers of the onion when protecting your home.

Outer Layers

The first layer that a criminal will encounter is the outer edge of your property. Depending on where you live, this can include the fence surrounding your home or perhaps your overall neighborhood. It could even be the front door to your apartment complex, the service entries to the building you reside in, or the fence surrounding your home.

The second layer of your onion would be the exterior walls or surface to your dwelling. Since burglars are looking for the easy pick, always have your doors locked and use deadbolts. Place security stickers in your windows whether you use a service or not, as it is a simple and cost-effective measure that serve as deterrents for many burglars. Consider placing security cameras where they can watch the doors and can be seen by potential thieves. If it looks like your home will be hard to enter, or the risks of getting caught are greater, chances are the robber will look elsewhere.

Middle Layers

The third layer of your onion security includes your doors, windows, garage, skylights and any other entry point into your home. Windows should be reinforced with pins or simple dowels placed on the frames to prevent them from being opened if the lock is forced.  The same is true for sliding doors. The glass can be mounted with breakage sensors as well.

If you have a garage, install an opening alarm or physical interior lock to prevent it from being opened from the outside. You should make sure to lock the door leading into your home from the inside of the garage for extra precautions, in case the burglar is able to get inside the garage.

Some burglars will try to case the inside of your home either during the day while you’re not home or at night when there aren’t many people around. Curtains and blinds also serve to shield your home from peepers. Keep them from seeing your valuables by closing blinds and curtains before leaving the house.

Inner Layers of the Onion

The fourth layer of your onion is the home’s interior security. Alarm systems are a perfect way to spook intruders, especially with an audible alarm. Plus, if your alarm is hooked up to call the police, you already have help immediately on the way.

With technology ever changing, there are many systems that are controlled by apps on your cell phone. These will notify you when someone rings the doorbell or approaches your home. If you have video accessibility to your alarm system, it’s always recording.

The fifth and final layer consists of a safe room and a home safe.  A well-made safe room is a place where family members can gather and lock themselves behind a reinforced door while they wait for the police to arrive. A home safe protects your family’s valuable possessions, firearms, and any important personal documents. Something to consider when purchasing a home safe is the level of fire protection you need, as well as other security features that may be of value to you. Cannon Safe has put together a guide to make buying the right safe easier.

No matter which safety techniques you deploy in and around your home, make sure to use more than one. If you can use all five layers, great! You’re one step closer to not being a victim of burglary. If not, make it a habit to use two or three techniques in order to make it more difficult for an intruder to justify targeting your home.

Protecting our families and our valuables are always a main concern. Utilizing the onion method can be a great piece of accomplishing this goal. Don’t wait another day, own this New Year’s resolution.

Stay safe!