Home safes are an investment in your future. While they are meant to preserve your jewelry, cash, family heirlooms, and other valuables from the most extreme and unfortunate conditions, they can also help put your mind at ease. While you and your family are out enjoying what the world has to offer, your Cannon safe is at home protecting your most prized possessions.

Top of the Line Home Safe Features

At Cannon we understand that security and lifestyle go hand in hand. Because of that, we have combined top of the line security features with highly functional interior and exterior colors that will compliment any room or style. We offer small home safes and large homes safes to ensure that they fit practically anywhere. Our home safe collections provide a variety of security features including a 30 or 60 minute fire rating depending on the model, triple fin door seals for smoke protection, and anti-pry tabs to keep bolts secure. In 2017 we upgraded our safe technology, with the addition of triple hard plate to every safe in order to prevent drill attacks. The Loft Collection, your premium home safe, also features dual relockers to act as a back-up in case the integrity of your safes lock is ever compromised.

Because we know that needs are different for each individual we have introduced our newest safe line, The EDGE Safe by Cannon™. This is a small, colorful safe that comes in two sizes and five different colors. It is the perfect safe for small homes, apartments or dorms. Cannon’s EDGE, LOFT, LANDMARK and Reflection home safe collections are built with your home in mind.

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