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“A Safe Family is a Cannon Family ™ ”

Cannon gun safes have been protecting families and their firearms since 1965. Whatever your needs or your budget, we have a safe for you! Over our nearly 50 years in business we’ve been continually improving and refining our safes to ensure they offer maximum security to our customers and their families. Whether your goal is to keep your shotguns out of the hands of children, protect your family’s rifles, or house an armory for a small militia, Cannon has a gun safe to fit your needs.

To view Cannon’s celebrated line of gun safes, browse the options below or browse by series: Armory Series, Commander Series, Cannon Series, Scout Series, and Patriot Series Safes. If you are looking for protection for your handguns and pistols specifically, be sure to check out GunVault.com.

What Sets Cannon Gun Safes Apart?

Longer Bolts with Anti Pry Tabs: Cannon gun safes boast features like longer, stronger bolts (twice as long as the competition) housed in doors and frames with anti-pry tabs. Our rugged Cannon construction kept the Russo family's guns and valuables protected against multiple pry attempts.

Triple Hard Plate: 3 layers of 60+ RC hardened steel protect the locking mechanism on your Cannon gun safe. These features kept Fraser Heston's belongings safe even after burglars spent several hours trying to crack his gun safe with an oxyacetylene torch.

Cannon True Fire Ratings: While other safe companies test their safe like they're cooking a thanksgiving turkey (keeping the heat at 300 degrees for the majority of the test), Cannon's True Test reaches 1200 degrees within the first 8 minutes of testing and stays at that temperature until failure. These True Tests ensure that your gun safe is prepared for the worst case scenario. Read the remarkable stories of the Morris, Cummings and Briley families, whose fire-resistant Cannon gun safes protected their possessions from devastating house fires.

A Back-up Plan: Cannon's revolutionary dual access EMP lock provides a manual combination back-up plan for anything that could compromise the electronics in your locking mechanism. The EMP lock will protect you against threats such as electromagnetic pulses, dead batteries, floods, fires, and natural disasters. Learn more about our EMP lock.

Best Warranty in the Business: Cannon gun safes boast the best warranty in the business. Our safes come with FREE parts, labor, and freight for repairs and replacement after natural floods, attempted or actual break-ins, and fire disasters for the lifetime of the safe. No other company offers a warranty like Cannon's.