Locked out of your Cannon Safe? We’re here to help! Just complete a few steps and we’ll have you back in your safe.

Step 1: Complete the information request below. Our Customer Service Agents will use this information to see if a master reset combination is available for your safe. Not all models have a master reset combination, but our Agents are happy to assist you.

Step 2: If a combination is available, a Customer Service Agent will email you a Master Reset Combination Request Form and your service request number. Complete the Request Form and have it notarized. Remember – notarized documents must be signed in the presence of a notary.

Step 3: Reply to the customer service email with a digital copy of the request form. Once you have successfully submitted your form please call +1 (847) 665-1635 to make your payment. Master Reset Codes are $30 and most major credit cards are accepted.

Step 4: You’ll receive the Master Reset Code in an email. Be sure emails from alphaguardian.com and cannonsafe.com are on your safe sender list.

Lost Combination and Master Reset Code Requests will NOT be processed if all steps are not followed. 

California Residents must adhere to Civil Code 1189