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Safety Tips for Winter and Snow

In many parts of the world, with winter will come snow. As we are currently seeing across the United States snowstorms can cause flight delays, severe road hazards and large spread power outages. The last week of November this year over 1,400 flights were canceled due to severe snow storms hitting the midwestern states. [...]

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Home Electrical System Safety

It’s hard to imagine a world without electricity. If someone could pull the plug on all electrical devises at once, the world would screech to a halt. While electricity is used everywhere we rarely give it a second thought. Even though we don’t think about it, electricity is still quite dangerous and requires your [...]

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Protecting Family Heirlooms and Antiques

4 Ways to Preserve Family Heirlooms In today’s digital world, preserving physical items is becoming less and less common. Thanks to technology, many people now keep digital versions of important documents, legal records, identification cards, and more. However, as generations age, you may inherit irreplaceable family heirlooms, valuables, and antiques. Those sentimental or valuable [...]

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How to Stay Safe in a Wild Fire

Wildfire Safety Tips for Home Valuables   As uncontrollable blazes, often fueled by different types of weather, dry underbrush and wind, wildfires burn land by the acres and take over everything in their paths. Wildfires or wildland fires occur in the countryside or rural areas thanks to the abundance of combustible vegetation. Those living in [...]

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Documents to Keep Safe

How to Keep Important Documents Safe at Home  Keeping important documents in your home helps make them easily accessible whenever you need them. However, it’s important to keep irreplaceable or sensitive documents safe and secure if you store them in your house. Especially for irreplaceable documents, consider an important document storage solution with a locking [...]

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