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Protecting your family in turbulent times

Most likely you, like the Cannon Safe team, are working from home – forced into isolation for two weeks or a month or longer to protect the frailest among us. If you are working on the frontlines, be it transportation, grocery stores, banking, hospitals/medical, we salute you and hope that you stay safe while providing [...]

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Why the Cannon Personal Edge Safe is a Millennial Must-Have

Personal Safes For Any Age The best way to have peace of mind is ensuring that all your valuables are well protected whether you are away for college, business trip or at home. The safety of your personal belongings is a must. According to a recent American homeowners’ survey from Allstate, Millennial's are more [...]

Staying Safe: 6 Airbnb Host Tips

Is Airbnb Safe for Hosts? Are you thinking about becoming an Airbnb host? Homeowners across the globe are offering space to travelers and vacationers as an alternative to traditional hotels. While Airbnb provides a way to connect with others and exchange payment, being smart and safe is a responsibility that rests largely on the [...]

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Selecting a Self-Defense Weapon

There are a lot of reasons to have a weapon that’s primary role is for self-defense of you or someone you want to protect.  There are also many weapons that can be used in the role of self-defense.  In this case, I want to address some firearms that are used for self-defense and provide [...]

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New Home Fires Burn Faster

Everything seems to be getting faster.  Technology and attitudes both provide and demand ways of getting from point A to point B quicker, be it in communications, medical diagnoses, security checkpoints, or delivery of Internet-based store products.  While changes to our world’s speed of doing business have generally improved our quality of life, some [...]

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Personal Safety Tips: Part 2

Personal Safety Tips Part 2: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes  In the first part of our Self-Defense Tips series, we explained that when forced to defend yourself using only your bodily features, there are some simple concepts to consider – such as using your voice, hands, and fingernails. In this second part, we’ll provide additional [...]

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