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Layers of Security Part 1: Single Form of Protection

Most people will begin their home safety trek by purchasing a firearm before any other security measure. Although, firearms are a viable source of protection, over reliance on this single form of security can leave you and your family at risk. Alternatively, some people will only purchase a safe to protect their valuables, because [...]

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Selecting a Self-Defense Weapon

There are a lot of reasons to have a weapon that’s primary role is for self-defense of you or someone you want to protect.  There are also many weapons that can be used in the role of self-defense.  In this case, I want to address some firearms that are used for self-defense and provide [...]

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Improvised Weapons

How many times have you wished that you could have thought of your perfect comeback several minutes too late to use it?  We’ve all hit the rewind button in our mind a few times and mentally changed the outcome to an event that we didn’t like the first time.  Sadly, sometimes people experience a [...]

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New Home Fires Burn Faster

Everything seems to be getting faster.  Technology and attitudes both provide and demand ways of getting from point A to point B quicker, be it in communications, medical diagnoses, security checkpoints, or delivery of Internet-based store products.  While changes to our world’s speed of doing business have generally improved our quality of life, some [...]

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Personal Safety Tips: Part 2

Personal Safety Tips Part 2: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes  In the first part of our Self-Defense Tips series, we explained that when forced to defend yourself using only your bodily features, there are some simple concepts to consider – such as using your voice, hands, and fingernails. In this second part, we’ll provide additional [...]

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Self Defense Tips and How to Defend Yourself

Self Defense Tips to Protect Yourself During an Attack We’ve all heard a lot about the “New Normal” and what that means for America. With regard to personal safety, regretfully the new normal may mean that there are more and more places in America where not all people are welcome, and will be in danger [...]

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Home Safe Installation: Bolting Down a Safe

Protecting and safely storing your weapons is an important part of gun ownership. Having a quality gun safe is part of this, and one way to ensure that it is even less vulnerable is to bolt down the safe to the floor. Bolting down a safe makes it considerably less vulnerable to theft and is [...]

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What To Keep in a Safe Besides Guns

When it comes to safes, guns are the most common items to store, and for good reason. It ensures protection in your home from children, as well as potential intruders. But safes are for home valuables, as well. There are probably other items in your home that you want to protect from damage, theft, or simply [...]

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